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Aliksandra THEORIE

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Release date: June 17, 2018


1. Tune In (2:54)

2. Ong Namo (5:56)

3. Ra Ma Da Sa (7:44)

4. Wahe Guru (3:04)

5. Sat Gur Prasad (8:02)

6. Sat Nam (4:59)

Written and performed by : Aliksandra Keller

Produced, recorded and mixed by: Rick Batyr

Released by : Aetherea Sound

Download the single Sat Nam for free

Aliksandra’s angelic and captivating vocals trace ancient mantra over the tonal soundscapes that produce not only a deeply relaxing effect, but a transformative and healing experience for the listener.


“THEORIE is about taking concept and transforming it into reality. Sound is a powerful tool that anyone can access. We create worlds with our words, and mantra connects us with our capacity to define our own reality.” 

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